What's new with the Co-op in 2013?


Starting in 2013 folks can now purchase food items on a regular basis from our Tom Bay Farm Stand. Located at 375 Tom Bay Rd, in Bennett Colorado, the Farm Stand is open 7 days a week. Any product available on the High Plains Food Co-op website ( www.highplainsfood.org) can be purchased at the Farm Stand.

The Tom Bay Farm Stand is about facilitating the concepts of "Farm to Table" . Its about producers and consumers working together to get food products from farmer fields and pastures to household stoves and pantries. Its about providing meat products from animals raised humanely and naturally on pasture. Its about food that is chemical free because of the way it is raised, naturally without the use of hormones, fertilizers or other chemical growth enhancers. It's about making these food items accessible to consumers looking for high quality, minimally processed food. Its about supporting family farms, keeping the revenue local, and providing valuable food trace-ability.

The food you provide your family affects the quality of their entire life. If it is important to know your family doctor, and your dentist, then why not know your family farmer?

exit I-70 at Manila Rd. (exit #299)
go south to CR6.
turn east to Tom Bay (3rd road).
Turn right onto Tom Bay.
We are the second farm in, on the west side.

Open: Mon - Sun, 3to 6pm. Please call for other times: 423-292-0743