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Tedach Ranch raises cattle and poultry using traditional farming practices. Their animals are never given antibiotics, steroids or any other forms of chemical growth enhancers. Their animals are free ranged, grass fed and humanely raised. They raise Black Angus cattle and a variety of heritage breed poultry. They sell both live animals and all natural meat. Click on the ranch name or their logo to the left to visit Tedach Ranch.


American Livestock Breeds Conservancy


The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy is a nonprofit membership organization working to protect nearly 100 breeds of cattle, goats, horses, asses, sheep, swine and poultry from extinction.


Good Shepard Turkey Ranch


The Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch is owned by Frank R Reese Jr., a 4th generation native Kansas farmer. The main focus of the ranch is to bring back the farm poultry of the past for your dining pleasure. Their mission is to produce historically authentic, heritage turkeys, grown free range, vegetarian fed without antibiotics, for your quality dining.

The Western Spirit Ranch is located in Colorado and raises free range livestock humanely and sustainably. Please contact their website for more information concerning their philosophies, practices and products.

The Barnes & Noble book store has a great library of titles dealing with beef, poultry, natural foods, farming, sustainable agriculture and more. Enter a keyword in the search box to the left to automatically search for books on that topic.