Our Cornish Game Hens and Barred Plyouth Rock chickens are provided to us by the Good Shepard Turkey Ranch in Lindsborg, KS.

These are certified heritage chickens, raised on pasture, all natural, no
antibiotics. And they have been air chilled processed and so have none of the 'water added' properties that so dilutes and adulterates commercial chicken.
These chickens are truly a rare find. They have a very fine texture and taste unlike commercially raised and processed chickens. They come complete with a recipe! Air chilled chickens, because they are not loaded with chemically saturated water, are best cooked a little differently than regular chicken (slower and at a lower temperature).

Cornish Game Hens:

The Cornish fowl originated in Cornwall, England. The Dark Cornish, the parent breed, was commonly known abroad as the 'Indian Game', though 'Cornish' is the more correct term. A distinguishing characteristic of the Cornish is that the body of both male and female is of the same conformation. Dark Cornish were admitted to the American Standards in 1893. They are a super heavy meat producing bird and the first real meat producing land fowl in the world. The modern chicken of today is based on this breed. The original Cornish lost favor in the commercial world because it is very slow growing but was used in the 1940's to make the commercial Cornish Rock hybrid of today. The original Cornish Game Hen is now very rare and should be bought back to our table. The meat if full of flavor, richness and firmness that can not be beat. All are birds are raised free ranged and free of drugs and animal by products. The parents of these birds are free ranged also and hatched on the farm. We take great care and pride in how our birds are raised and cared for. They are certified by the American Poultry Association as geniune heritage Cornish Game Hens.

Barred Plymouth Rock:

The Barred Plymouth Rock was exhibited at America's first poultry show, held at Boston, Mass., 1849. The Barred Plymouth Rock was admitted to the first American Standard of Excellence, published at Buffalo, NY January 15, 1874. This breed soon became very popular and was common across America. During the beginning of the last century it was the number one breed in America for over 50 years. It was known for its fine eggs, quality of meat and healthy vigor. The Barred Rock is the best dual purpose fowl there is. You will find the meat firm, rich and full of good yellow fat. All are chickens are raised free range on good green pastures. The parents of the birds you buy will have been free ranged as well. No antibiotics or animals by-products are used in their feed. The birds are fed a total vegetarian diet with all the green grass and seeds they can eat. They are certified by the American Poultry Association as geniune heritage Barred Plyouth Rocks.