Frequently Asked Questions

Who processes your poultry?
All poultry sold by the Co-op are processed at a USDA Inspected facility. USDA Inspection adds some to the cost but it ensures consistent and safe quality. All birds are delivered as frozen whole birds with giblets included when appreciate. The birds are packaged just s they would be if they were purchased from a grocery store.

Is fresh poultry available?
Processed birds are only available fresh (not frozen) if special arrangements are made in advance. Fresh, USDA Inspected poultry requires special handling that complicates their processing and adds to their cost. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in fresh poultry.

Are live birds available for purchase?
Live birds can be purchased from Tedach Ranch. Availability varies with the time of the year. Please understand that the ranch is not a hatchery operation and selling live birds is not a primary focus of their endeavors.

How are the Co-op prices determined?
We have been raising poultry for many years and have a pretty good understanding on the amount of work and effort required in a free range poultry operation. Our prices reflect the work effort we put into our operation. Our largest single expense is the cost of feed. We minimize this expense by buying in bulk but feed costs rise every year. We estimate of feed costs in the spring and adjust our pricing accordingly. Processing the poultry at a USDA Inspected facility adds to the price of a butchered bird, as well as the expense and time involved in getting birds to and from the processing facility. Raising all natural, free range, heritage breed poultry is a labor of love. We require positive cash flow from our operation, but no unfair profiteering takes place.

Are meat products other than poultry available through the Co-op?
We can get just about any sort of all natural meat product possible - beef, pork, lamb, bison, etc. Many of these items are fully integrated into the Co-op with our shopping cart. We work with local area farms to provide these products. Please contact us for any meat item you do not see listed in the shopping cart.

Do you ship out of state?
No. We only sell locally. Shipping perishable meat products requires insulated packaging and priority shipping rates to ensure the meat remains frozen until it reaches its destination. We have made a business decision not to take on this operation.